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Vermont Natural Sheepskins is the only all-natural, sustainable tannery in the eastern United States. We are committed to providing our farmers and customers with an environmentally sound alternative to the conventional tanning industry. Our techniques and craft were brought back to our region from the British Isles by VNS founder Sarah Scully of central Vermont. VNS has a reputation for producing high-quality, family-safe, hand-crafted sheepskins. We pride ourselves on being the most sustainable option for tanning services in our region and beyond. Sheepskins are our specialty, but we will gladly help those raising alpaca, rabbit, and goat. We offer custom tanning, but we also have a steady line of locally raised EOV certified sheepskins for sale as part of our partnership with Southshire Meats.

Vermont Natural Sheepskins is now a proud part of Regenerative Food Network and has relocated to Manchester, VT. Tanning services have traditionally been an important part of a good food system. The goal of RFN is to re-build just that. VNS is now part of the local infrastructure that farmers need to survive and thrive. With the help of RFN Vermont, Natural Sheepskins is here to stay, and we are spreading the word, encouraging and helping farmers to make the switch to regenerative agriculture. VNS can now expand in ways that increase our sustainability and our positive impact on the community. We are applying for organic certification and look forward to being the only Organic tannery in the United States. We are experimenting with local plants to tighten the loop of our sourcing. Working with local fashion designers, we are creating a line of locally made sheepskin clothing and accessories. All aspects of Vermont Natural Sheepskins growth and partnership with RFN will create jobs, reduce waste, help farmers live well, and bring back a traditional craft that is integral to our landscape and food system.

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